The time is now.


Welcome to the path unknown blog! I have finally turned “someday” into “today” and took the leap to start this blog. This blogs intention is to incite interest in a simple, authentic and healthy life in a world obsessed with chaos. First off, my name is Jonathan Hoffman and I’m a new resident to the beautiful island of Maui. I’ll save all the details of why I moved to Maui for a later post but for now, I wanted to explain why I started this blog. I started this blog because I have a passion for simple living, minimalism, Zen Buddhism, and authentic living. It hasn’t always been this way, three years ago I was living a chaotic life full of stress, lies, self-abuse, and depression. This all ended abruptly when my engagement fell apart and I hit rock bottom. I had to look myself in the mirror and analyze the man I had become. I was thirty pounds overweight and addicted to gambling, alcohol, and cigarettes. I quit smoking, cut down my drinking, lost 30lbs, and found new ways to deal with stress like meditation and long walks. My new passion for minimalism, Zen Buddhism, and authentic living is far from perfect but it helps me live a more meaningful life. I started this blog to share what I have learned these past three years to hopefully inspire someone else to live a more simple and authentic life. Thank you for reading my first blog; I’m excited to get the ball rolling and post more frequently. You can follow me on Instagram.

With Aloha,

Jonathan Hoffman


Author: Path Unknown.

My intention is to inspire a simple & compassionate way of life. With Aloha, Johnny Hoffman

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