Money & Values.

Must we sell ourselves for the dollar bill? Must we lie, mislead, and cheat to impress our boss to get that big promotion? These are questions I asked myself every day when I was a sales representative for a wine distributor. I want to make it clear that I’m not judging those who work in sales, we all have to pay the bills and support our families. My issue is with the culture of many corporations, which in general, is to focus on profit over values. I truly believe a company can thrive while being honest, caring, and contribute to the local community. It just takes a little more effort and passion for integrity.

Fast forward 2 years and I’m leaving for Maui, Hawaii. I moved here to live a more simple life and learn about the Hawaiian/local culture, my actions when arriving were not in line with my vision though. I felt obligated to take a job in the wine sales industry because my company on the mainland helped land me an interview. I took it out of fear though, not love. One week into my job I felt depressed, stressed, and my gut was telling me to quit before I was fully trained. I put my two-week notice in immediately and went into the exciting unknown.

I told myself that I will not sacrifice my values for the highest bidder. I will live a more authentic life where I have less internal struggle and more peace. I now drive a van, clean dishes, and do lots of manual labor for a living but I don’t have to sacrifice my values for the dollar bill. I now am free to focus on this blog, Facebook/Instagram page, and look to the future for how I can contribute to society in a positive way.

With Aloha,

Jonathan Hoffman

Author: Path Unknown.

My intention is to inspire a simple & compassionate way of life. With Aloha, Johnny Hoffman

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