Black Mirror.

I feel nauseous.

Anxious & depressed.

Fearful & full of doubt.

Violent & apathetic.


All day I stare into glowing screens.

Advertisements bombarding me at every moment.

One show is violent.

The next full of greed and anger.

Could this be the source of my discontent?


You are what you eat.

You are what you listen too.

You are what you watch on your glowing screens.


Views, likes, and followers

The new currency of self-worth.


How many followers does a person need to feel important?

How many likes do you need until you feel complete?

How many views till you’re content with your life?

Will you ever be satisfied?


Let go of the constant need for outside validation.

Let go of the obsession with likes, followers, and views.


Embrace your mission.

Embrace your purpose.

Your life is much more important the number of followers you have.

Quality over quantity. 





Scrolling Away Our Life.



A deep mental fog.

Sleep deprivation.

Constantly distracted.


Why must I be distracted from my life?

Is my cell phone more important than joy?


I must change this behavior.

Today, I will rip off the band-aid.

No more social media.

No more scrolling away my life.

Money, Followers, & Celebrity.


Money, followers, and celebrity.

The new American dream.

How many followers do you need to be content?

How many Tesla’s will bring long-lasting joy?

Once I get 100K followers and I’ll be content.

Ten million dollars a year would be perfect.

20 million.

50 million.

Naw 100 billion.


You’re hooked.

Addicted to more.

Never satisfied.


How will you ever be free?


No amount of money.

Materials or followers.

Will bring endless happiness.



Define enough.

And you’ll find that you already have plenty of it.







Distraction: How do we Stay Focused on What Really Matters?

Welcome to the 21 Century! A time period defined by its distractions, whether that be social media, Netflix, YouTube, 24 hour News, virtual reality, or video games.

Humans have been distracting themselves since the beginning of recorded human history, whether that be Roman gladiators or Netflix. Distractions can benefit society, allow for people to relax and decompress from the daily stress of life. Distractions themselves are not the problem, it’s the amount of time consumed distracting oneself. We live in a time period where there is an unlimited amount of distraction and entertainment, which becomes addictive. The high from binge-watching Breaking Bad can feel so good at first, but after spending all day on the couch, we feel horrible. This concept is known as diminishing returns. Diminishing returns is when adding more of an activity actually decreasing the amount of return. For example, 1 alcoholic beverage might bring joy but 20 drinks could lead to alcohol poisoning, at some point consuming more alcohol led to an adverse effect. The phrase “Less Is More” seems fitting.

With freedom, comes responsibility. 

We have the freedom to spend most of our waking time on Netflix while only eating Butterfingers, Taco Bell, and Coors Light. I truly believe that we are blessed and cursed with this freedom. It is a blessing to live in a country where you can choose your own path, express yourself, and consume what you want without Government control. I’m very grateful for this freedom but with this freedom comes responsibility for us to regulate our habits and behaviors. I don’t think most of us have been taught self-control because our culture of consumerism frowns upon self-restraint and responsible living. The rise of Minimalism is a direct response to this culture of unsustainable consumption. We have to regulate our two most valuable commodities, time and attention. We only have a finite amount of time and attention so we must choose wisely how we spend it. It saddens me how much time I have spent on social, media, Netflix, and watching sports when I could have been contributing, growing, and spending time with people that I love.

It’s not about cutting out all these distractions, but regulated and deciding what brings value to your life. Write down what your activities are throughout the week and you will how much time you spend distraction yourself. Here is an example.

Activities Per Week

Current                              Vision

Netflix  10 hours              Netflix 2 hours

Youtube 5 hours               YouTube 1 hour

Facebook 4 hours         Facebook 2 hours

Football 6 hours           Football  4 hours

Family 3 hours             Family 12hours

Passions 1 hour           Passions  10 hours

It’s not about cutting everything our life but regulating the distractions so they don’t make up a majority of our free time. What we are passionate about will thrive if we cut out the excess of distractions. Without the endless distractions, we can spend more time connecting with our family, friends, and significant others. Our life will have more meaning and less emptiness.

We all have the same 24 hours, let’s make the best use of it.

With Aloha,

Johnny Hoffman